We have various Personal Training packages available to suit your budget…

1-2-1 Coaching

Block packages available in 4, 8 or 12 sessions. Personalised workout program, includes tailored diet plans, private and safe environment, purely focused on helping you achieve your goals.

Pairs/Couples Coaching

Build confidence by training with a friends, partner or family member. Share the cost of training and motivate each other to achieve your goals. Diet plans also included.

Online Coaching

Cheaper more affordable training, suitable for clients wanting to train from home or at a commercial gym where the PT can provide each workout. Online check-ins, Whatsapp and Zoom support.

Outside Coaching

If you’re not a fan of gyms don’t worry, we still have Personal Training options for you. Click register interest to find out more.

Why pick one of our personal Trainers?

  • Each Personal Trainer at Workout Liverpool has a wealth of experience and knowledge that will enable them to design you the best training program.
  • Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain, fitness, flexibility or to improve your mental health, we have a trainer suitable for you.
  • We offer affordable training and we always overdeliver getting you as much support as possible to achieve your goals.
  • Results guaranteed: Each trainer has a proven track record in all their specialist areas which gives them the confidence to guarantee your results. All you have to do it listen and follow their instructions.
  • We also have fully qualified and insured trainers who can train under 16s with their parents permission and consent.

Meet the Team


Specialist in:
Fat Loss & Muscle Gain

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Specialist in:
Mobility & Postural Correction

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Specialist in:
S&C Body Transformation

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Specialist in:
Fat Loss & Mindset

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Specialist in:
Muscle Gain

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Specialist in:
Fat Loss

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Specialist in:
Muscle Gain

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Specialist in:
Pre & Post Natal

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Specialist in:
Fat Loss

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Our customers say it best…

I’ve been with Tori for the past 8 weeks, this girl is honestly amazing! I’ve had a fair share of PTs who haven’t listened to my needs and have threw me in at the deep end. Tori has eased me in slowly and has listened to everything I’ve told her, she’s allowed me to start liking exercising again and hypes me up to be the best I can be.

Joe was my Personal Trainer, it’s not just the 45 minute session and see you next week, he takes pride and goes above and beyond in order for you to achieve the goals you want to achieve. A few times I would mix it up with other trainers, who would equally show the support and help you would wish to have from a personal trainer.

Never done PT before as I was always nervous about it being one on one with a trainer but decided to start training with Sophie and it was the best thing I've done. I always thought loosing weight was just about doing lots of cardio but she taught me training was much more than exercise and how to manage my diet. I'm more toned now thanks to Sophie's guidance and tips and still keeping up with the daily exercises to maintain it.

I got stuck in a rut and wasn’t getting as far as I thought I should be. I took a leap of faith and picked Jaleel as my PT. I can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made! After discussing my goals, which was mainly weight-loss, he designed workouts, gave me my calories & macros goals. It’s transformed my life! I saw my weight loss start up again fast and quickly found a real passion for lifting, thanks to our sessions and his work out plans

I started going to Connie in 2019 when I was really unhappy with my weight. I’ve never been a lover of the gym or fitness but Connie made it really enjoyable which gave me the motivation to keep going! Connie would also text and check up to see how I was getting on which helped a lot. If I couldn’t do it Connie helped me to pace myself and eventually I really got my fitness level up and wasn’t struggling as much as I did in the start. I eventually lost 3 stone and I really wouldn’t of been able to do it without the help of Connie as well as her being so motivational and pushing me to get to a place where I was happy in myself! I can’t recommend Connie enough!

It’s all in the name! Tori has helped me completely transform not just physically but mentally. I have such a better relationship with food and can now fuel my body instead of feud with it. As someone who has had major gym anxiety in the past, I couldn’t be any prouder of myself as I’m now excited to get started in the gym and that is all down to Tori’s dedication and belief in me when I didn’t believe in myself.

Working out with Wade was a godsend as he made work outs fun again and slowly I started to lose my anxiety. He helped push and motivate me on those days I didn’t want to work out, keeping my work outs interesting and making me remember why I loved the gym. He isn’t a trainer that is just going to go through the motions with you, he puts just as much effort into ur sessions as you do.

I really enjoyed training with Teri, she’s very knowledgeable and helped me achieve my goals. Her enthusiasm is uplifting and motivating. Everyone at workout was so friendly and welcoming, nothing was too much trouble for them. I’d definitely recommend training there.

When I started my PTs with Joe I felt fit but not strong. Joe helped me improve my strength and shown me exercises and movements I would never of attempted by myself. He helped build up my confidence to workout alone in the gym. Joe made me feel at ease and it felt as though he really wanted to help. He is really professional but at the same time became a good friend. I couldn’t recommend him enough.

Connie has been amazing in helping me on my new fitness journey by helping me to gain my strength back to losing weight as well as my mindset. Connie has also been helpful in guiding me on the best way to healthy eating which helped me in losing weight, I couldn’t get through this journey without her she is so kind caring and patient . She is always at the end of the phone if I need any help on the days I’m in pain and If I ever want to give up I know Connie will give me that push I need. I can not thank Connie enough in giving me some confidence back in myself.

If you want 1 on 1 training with someone who will push you out of your comfort zone and show you what you're capable of achieving, go and see Hilton, I never thought I'd be able to deadlift and squat 100kg+ but he knew I could and he was right. Hilton is passionate about training and nutrition and he's very supportive, he listens to what your goals are and will give you honest feedback, his sessions are always a laugh even when you're at your limit.

Since starting my personal training with Joe, I have massively improved my overall strength and fitness. At every point of my training, Joe has been able to share his expert knowledge with me and that has made me more confident. The varied training sessions and more than well equipped gym has made the training so far extremely enjoyable. If you’re looking for a trainer that will look to understand you and get results then I’d highly recommend Joe.

Personal Trainer: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the things we’re commonly asked about finding a personal trainer. If there’s anything else you need to know, just put up the phone and give us a call on 0151 458 3076.

Click the Get Start button and we will match you to a trainer at the gym. Or you can take a look at each trainers profile above and see who you like best for your goals.

Personal Training sessions range from between £25 – £35 per session depending on which trainer you select and how many sessions per week you need.

All session are located at Workout Liverpool, 9 Dunnings Bridge Road, Aintree, Liverpool, L30 6UU. You’ll find our reception located at the back of Armadillo Self Storage warehouse.

24 hours notice is required for any cancellations. Any sessions cancelled on the day will unfortunately still be deducted from your session block.

Friends, Partners or family can only attend your session if you have signed up for a paired/couples PT session which your trainer has agreed in advance.

Yes, we have a COVID Secure safety policy at the gym and you can read our full policy below.

Usually the minimum number of session is 4 (1 per week) but this will be confirmed with your trainer.

No, you can start Personal Training at any ability level and with your trainers guidance work towards achieving goals.

The Personal Training sessions range between 45 minute to 1 hour in length, again this is dependant on which trainer you are signed up to.

All diet plans are tailored to your specific dietary needs which will be in line with the goal you want to achieve. You will be allocated a daily/weekly calorie target to help you understand how much and what foods you can eat.

Ready to get in shape? Take the first step.