Cleaning & Hygiene

We have increased cleaning measures throughout the gym and our teams will assist you as and when you need it.
We are working hard to ensure that our equipment and facilities are kept spotless at all times – you might even notice some of the gym team walking around with our cleaning every hour!

Do Your Bit, Clean Your Kit – Cleaning & Hygiene

We would really appreciate your help with wiping down your equipment once you have used it.
You’ll find sanitising spray and paper towels available for you to use at our Cleaning Stations.
Let’s work together to keep the gym really shiny and safe for each other.

Sanitise – Cleaning & Hygiene

We have a hand sanitiser dispenser ready for you to use once you enter the gym and as you leave.
While you workout with us, please wash your hands regularly with soap and water.

Social Distancing

We’re definitely a friendly bunch here but always do your best to maintain a safe gap between you and other members as you move around the gym, while you workout, and when you use the changing rooms.
Some equipment has been taken out of action, extra space added between some kit and we’ve installed floor markers, all to help you socially distance safely.
No high fives allowed but a simple “Hello! How are you doing?” goes down very well.

Work together

Please can we ask that you’re patient with your gym team and other members, particularly where we need to maintain social distancing to keep everyone safe. If you’re not happy with anything then let a member of the gym team know. Remember, it’s been tough for everyone recently though, so let’s look after each other as best we can.

The safety of our colleagues, members and all visitors to our gyms is our highest priority. Coronavirus presents us with new challenges in ensuring everyone can enjoy the many health benefits of exercise whilst remaining safe. That is why we’re asking everyone to be safe with us. We have developed a detailed plan, taking a risk-based approach and supported by specialist advice to ensure the gym is COVID Secure.

More information on coronavirus can be found on the NHS, PHE and PHS websites.
Public Health England:
Public Health Scotland: