Hilton Phillips

Hilton Phillips

Head Coach

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Whatever your fitness goals Hilton will be able to provide you with the necessary assistance to achieve them. With over a decade’s experience in the industry, Hilton can confidently identify areas of weakness and transition them into strengths.

Family man Hilton Phillips is the pinnacle of fitness and has a fantastic long-standing reputation within the Liverpool fitness community. Hilton strongly believes in functional training and his client results are a testament to this approach. Hilton has a wide client basis and caters for a variety of goals he is dedicated to his clients and always open to providing help and tips to those both old and new to the industry.

Hilton is passionate about leading a happy, healthy life and motivated to make sure you leave the gym feeling you have pushed yourself physically and mentally, whether it’s sweating it out on functionally or feeling that strength burn – you are guaranteed to leave with a spring in your step!

Hilton’s advice to all class-goers. ‘Our tough classes build strong bodies and minds and keep you moving forward in terms of training and everyday life!’

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